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Selecting a Personal injury Attorney in the Piedmont Triad Area

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If a person is injured because of another’s negligence or reckless behavior, the victim may be entitled to pursue a monetary recovery from the party at fault. A successful lawsuit or settlement with the negligent party can result in substantial compensation awards that cover the major expenses related to an injury. A good attorney is indispensable during this process.

The following other factors can be considered when selecting a legal advisor

History of success

Awards and recognition from a legal society

Membership in legal organizations

Attitude and quality of legal advice during a consultation

Ability to meet in person with the attorney to determine a personalized plan for your case

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If you have been hurt in a personal injury accident, you are not alone. Attorney Floyd knows what it takes to handle your personal injury claim with determination yet treat you with the respect you deserve. A serious, unexpected injury has the power to devastate you financially, physically, emotionally, and in other ways. Suffering a severe injury is a heavy burden to bear. As an experienced and compassionate North Carolina personal injury attorney, Kim Floyd knows how to navigate these sometimes complex cases to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. For a free case review, please call Kim Floyd at (336) 886-5031 or email her the P.I. Intake Form located here.